fam 098 – FHA Back to Work
Sep 7th, 2013 by Larry D Bass

TOTW_Check Engine Light_30 Aug 2013
Aug 30th, 2013 by Larry D Bass This week’s tip is how to know if it’s ok to continue driving a car if the ‘check’ engine light comes on. Just call me at 303.944.2277 and I’ll make we ‘check’ your situation to ensure you’re in a position to buy/sell a home or refinance.

PS: enjoy the photos at the end of the tip with America’s Favorite Band.

fam 097 – HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative) program
Aug 27th, 2013 by Larry D Bass



                                                      (Audio is 26:39 min)

The HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative) program allows homeowners who are upside down on their mortgage and who are struggling financially to sell their home without a foreclosure against them.  The government will allow up to $3000 to help these homeowners relocate and will wipe away any deficiency judgments that could arise if the home does go into foreclosure.

Kris and Kim Darney in the Los Angelos CA area and Larry Bass in Denver CO area are here to help you understand your options in today’s new real estate market.  Listen in on how these real estate professionals can help you or someone you know who may be facing foreclosure or are struggling to make their house payment.


You can contact Kris & Kim or Larry at the information in the picture above.   (To see the contact information better, click on the picture which will start the audio and click on the bottom right of the picture to enlarge it).



fam 096 – Steve Caldara praises realtor and mortgage lender Larry Bass
Aug 27th, 2013 by Larry D Bass Steve Caldara, owner of The Caldara Company, a financial services company gives his endorsement to Larry Bass, the Foreclosure Answer Man. If you need or want to buy a home, sell a home or refinance, Larry is the one to call at 303.944.2277.

TOTW_Say AUGHT_23 Aug 2012
Aug 23rd, 2013 by Larry D Bass This week’s tip is how to tell a dog NO.
The sound you make is different than what you think it would be. Just call me
at 303.944.2277 and I’ll make sure you’re not told NO when it comes to all the
real estate or mortgage options that are out there for you.

fam095 – Short Sale vs Foreclosure — The consequences explained
Aug 21st, 2013 by Larry D Bass


This video by CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) give this 5 min video explaining the differences between a Short Sale and a Foreclosure.

Alex Charfen explains the benefits of selling your home through a SHORT SALE rather than allowing it to go through FORECLOSURE.

The benefits of a short sale are:

1.  The Ability to Obtain a Mortgage in the Future.

If you have a short sale, you may be able to get a new Fannie Mae backed loan in two years (three years for a FHA loan) vs 7 years if a home goes to foreclosure.

2.  The Effect on Your Credit Score.

The short sale will have a much less impact on your credit score.  A foreclosure will stay on your credit report for 7 years and is a matter of public record.  The lower credit score may impact your insurance premiums, credit card interest rates and deny you for future loans.

3.  The Effect on a Security Clearance.

Many jobs require either a security clearance or at least a security check.  Some agencies that require these checks are the military, police, fire and government agencies, software companies, and certain areas of telecom.

4.  The Effect on Your Current or Future Employment.

Some companies do continuous credit checks.  Short sale ARE NOT reported on a credit report and a foreclosure is reported.

5.  Deficiency Judgement May be Eliminated With a Short Sale.

If a homeowner is approved through the HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative) program, there will be NO deficiency judgment again them.  If the home goes to foreclosure, the lender(s) have a right to go after the homeowners for the monies they lost through this process.


SHORT SALES are the best alternative if you have to leave your home.  Call Larry at 303.944. two two  seven  seven if you have any questions.

TOTW_Don’t Get Your Head Chopped Off_16 Aug 2013
Aug 15th, 2013 by Larry D Bass   This week’s tip is to make sure your don’t ‘get your head chopped off’ when around a single engine airplane if we go flying together.  Just call me at 303.944.2277 and I’ll make sure you’re safe when it comes to all the real estate or mortgage options that are out there for you.

TOTW_Cleanimg Your Sponges_02 Aug 2013
Aug 2nd, 2013 by Larry D Bass This week’s tip is how to kill the germs that hide in your kitchen sponges. Just call me at 303.944.2277 and together we can ‘kill’ any false misconceptions you may have regarding real estate or mortgage loans.

fam094 – 5 Option When Your Home Didn’t Sell
Jul 21st, 2013 by Larry D Bass

You have 5 options in getting your home sold or not sold

1.  Do nothing, save yourself any additional frustration since no buyers wanted your home at the last price you were advertising it for.

2.  Re-list with the agent you previous used.  Question is…what will they do (or what advise will you finally listen to) to get your home either priced right to sell -or- in the condition it needs to be in for the price you’re asking -or- think about a different buyer financing strategy (see #5).

3.  Consider selling your home on your own (called a FSBO, For Sale By Owner).   Now you’re doing the job of the agent you either fired or let go ‘gently’ and now learn a profession in a few weeks in addition to working your own 40-50 hour job.  Now, we’re in a good buyer’s market so selling your home yourself is a possibility.  Keeping yourself out of legal trouble in the future…?

Also understand that buyers are not stupid and they know typical listing commission usually run 5-6%.  They will, as a minimum, offer you half of that LESS so now you’re not saving 5-6%, you MAY only be saving 2.5-3%.

4.  You can re-list with another realtor who has other ideas and suggestions in getting your home sold.  This person may actually be bold enough to tell you what you don’t want to hear (the price is too high for the location/condition of the home, there is a smell that needs to be removed, some fresh paint may be required, etc.)

WARNING:  the market (buyers) DON’T CARE what you want or need to get out of the home money-wise, they only care how cheaply they can buy it from you!!!  The market will pay what the market will pay today.  Tomorrow, next month or even next year will command a different price, either more or less than what you want (or need) out of the home.

[Also, if you want to hire me but are concerned you’ll hurt the other agent’s feelings by using me, I’ll pay your former agent a $500 referral fee on your behalf to help compensate them for the time they did spend on your home.]

5.  Consider doing a LEASE OPTION or RENT TO OWN seller financing.  Many times buyers are so close to qualifying for a loan they only need another 12-18 months to get their credit and/or income up in order to qualify.  The positive benefit to you is you’re able to command a higher sales price.  The negative is you’ll have to wait 12-18 months to actually sell the home and get the equity (if any) and your name off the mortgage loan.


Real estate is a case-by-case transaction and no two home selling experiences are the same.  If you have any questions, give me a call at 303.944.2277.  Happy home selling.  Larry

TOTW_Soda Can Pull Tab_20 Jul 2013
Jul 20th, 2013 by Larry D Bass This week’s tip is how to make a substitute ‘pull tab’ that will allow you to adjust a tent or canvas rope when out in the wilderness. Just call me at 303.944.2277 and together we can ‘pull together’ all the real estate or mortgage options that are out there for you.

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